Destination functions, Segment, and Movable Ink

This post was published 2023/01/03 & last updated 2023/07/26


Or: How I built a pizza tracker for mid-funnel emails

Have you ever wished you could bring the same level of personalization to your mid-funnel customer communication as Domino’s Pizza Tracker? With Segment Functions, you can bring interactive, up-to-date, personalized engagement to your users.

Segment Functions are an extension of the platform’s customer data platform, allowing you to write code to normalize and transform data before it is ingested into your growth engine or sent to a destination. Through JavaScript and access to Segment’s APIs, you can query for and update customer profiles, and send events to any destination.

At Aspiration, we leveraged Segment Functions and Movable Ink to create a “Domino’s Pizza Tracker” for our mid-funnel CRM communications. We used event-driven triggers to assign users to specific Persona Audiences, which returned a true value on the user profile. Then we passed the events to our CRM, but rather than passing MI the values as merge fields on the image URL, we passed them a unique ID.

The unique ID allowed us to query an external API within Movable Ink, giving us access to up-to-date data. This transformed the standard breadcrumbs of the funnel into a live map, showing users how many steps they have left to go. This type of personalized interactivity can be powerful in connecting with users and driving engagement.

Thanks to Segment Functions, you can now make the impossible possible and bring creative, personalized experiences to your customers like never before.